Thermal Brake System

If everyone had used thermally broken windows with insulated glass since the early. 1950s, perhaps we would not be facing an energy crisis today!

Thermal Break Systems employ a revolutionary method whereby the Aluminium window/door is re-inforced with polyamide bars between the inside and outside Aluminium profiles to provide an insulated frame. A Thermal Break double glazed Aliminium system is desined to obtain best results with respect to energy conserwation ,hermal water condesation, sound insolation,water and dust profing. The system is thermal broken with 16mm glass fiber reinforced polymaid strip.The polyamid insolation has the properties of high thermal resistance,rigidity hardness and strength. The relivence of thermal conductivity in the aluminium frame becomes apparent when one considers that the frames accounts for an average of 25% of the total window surface.

In order to meet the needs of today's architects,window system must be provided in a variety of colors.The strip in glass reinforced Polyamide possesses the special advantage of permitting subsequent application of all presently known surfaces suitable for use with alluminum either before or after the Thermal Break strip has been assembled.

This arrangement leads to many innate advantages such as

  • Better wind and water tightness
  • Reduction of condensation
  • Reduction of dust accumulation
  • Reduction of noise
  • Low maintenance
  • Aluminium can be easily recycled at the end of the life of the building