Structural Glazing is the most innovative and exciting form of curtain wall construction to enter the commercial market in many years. Structural Glazing gives architects the change to make the long cherished creative dreams come true with feasible technology and economy. The idea of the glass only facade, no longer remains just adream. Structural Glazing can make this dream come true.

The basic forms of Structural Glazing are 2-sided and 4-sided.

These design types may be classified as factory glazed, or glazed directly on the job-side.

Factory-glazed elements can be fabricated under ideal conditions, therefore assuring maximum sealant cure and development of adhesive properties. These elements are then moved to the job-site and mechanically fixed to the curtainwall structure.

The spacers used to seprate the glass from the Aluminium panels are made of cellular foam. They have low thermal conductivity and help to reduce heat loss through glass and condensation at framing members. The system can be designed for double or single glass-free of additional frame and shutter profiles, whereby reducing the cost . The locations of the sealant rubbers are designed to obtain maximum weather and dust proofing.

To obtain maximum benifit from this system, structural silicone from a reputed firm such as "Dow Corning" or "Tremco" or equivalent. The system is also available in thermally broken profile series.